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Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates almost a century ago. Being unwell himself in his childhood, he conceived a method of a sequence of exercises which condition mind and body. This "gentle" form of exercise has many benefits. Today the exercises are modified and adapted to accommodate a large range of people and help them in their daily life.

Is Pilates for everyone?

No matter your fitness level, Pilates offers something for everyone. Pilates when done correctly, offers major fitness benefits, provides mental focus, connects the mind and body, and truly does sculpt the abs and work all your deeper muscles you never though you had. Your transverse abdominals (deepest core muscles), your external and internal obliques, rectus abdominus, the maximus and medius gluteus and your back  muscles (multifidus, trapezius and serratus anterior) will be the ones challenged at any time.

Do you need to restore or improve your posture and body alignment?

Do you need to strength your core? and challenge your deep abdominal muscles to avoid injury?

Do you need to improve your flexibility? and enhance mobility, agility and stamina?

Do you need to tone and build lean muscles (not bulk muscles)?

Do you need to increase joint range of motion?

Do you need relief from back pain, lower back pain or joint stress?

Do you need to improve your breathing?

Do you need to improve your blood circulation?

Do you need to improve neuromuscular coordination?

The repetitions and patterns of movement will help to engage the mind and enhance body awareness, concentration, and precision, reduce stress, relieve tension and boost your confidence and energy.