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Pilates is the fastest growing exercise in the world, in fact it has been around for over 80 years. Its founder Joseph Hubertus Pilates was determined to overcome his health problems , he had rickets, asthma, rheumatic fever. He studied and developed an exercise programme that assisted in restoring him to optimal health.  

The 34 mats exercises was popular with dancers, gymnasts and athletes who realised  the benefits of his programme of mental and physical conditioning which gave them strength, flexibility and all the important link between mind and body.

Today Pilates has become very popular with the general public of all ages and levels of fitness. The adapted and modified versions of the exercises are also used widely by personal trainers, physiotherapists and osteopaths. They will often advice their patients to try Pilates to improve their core musculature and therefore help their clients to manage the issue, preventing their pain from getting any worst.