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My job 

I studied really hard and I am now proud to be fully qualified L3 Pilates instructor and be able to help people to achieve their goals. I also successfully completed a course on Common Orthopedic Conditions which as been very useful so far as I am meeting many people with various conditions as sciatica, lower back problem...

I will make sure that at each session the exercises are being shown and demonstrated at the best of my ability for my client to execute the exercises with precision and avoid any injury. 

It's important that my clients start with the basics. As a foundation, they will learn how to breathe properly, then how to activate their smaller stabilizer muscles in their body. After a few weeks, they should already have more awareness of their posture to self correct themselves in their daily life, have a greater range of mobility and learn how to move their body more efficiently to prevent any issues. The benefits are great you just need to be patient.